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Na-Rala 250 Grams
Na-Rala 250 Grams Quantity in Basket: None
Code: NARALA250G
Price: $249.99
Shipping Weight: 1.10 pounds

Facts below are for 100 Grams. You will receive the 250 Grams version.

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Sodium R-lipoic acid
70% Active R-ALA
Bio-EnhancedTM Na-RALA 70%




This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and it's not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease".

Our Na-RALA®  contains 250mg of Sodium-R-Lipoic Acid 70% (175mg Active RALA) per capsule.

Superior Nutraceuticals is a licensed distributor for Geronova and Na-RALA®

New Product: Bio-EnhancedTM Na-RALA Bulk Powder 70%

Sodium R-lipoic acid : [176110-81-9]

2003: GeroNova launched the first stabilized R-lipoic acid (RLA) containing dietary ingredient into the nutraceutical market: K-RALA (Potassium RLA)

The pure potassium salt is unstable and had to be supported on silica and MCC after de-polymerization to make it suitable for tablets and capsules.

The additional processing raised the cost of an already expensive raw material (RLA), and could only be offered with a 40% active load.

K-RALA-40% was suitable for direct compression or encapsulation, but unsuitable for drink mixes.


To deliver a 100 mg active dose of RLA required 250 mg K-RALA-40%

To deliver a 100 mg active dose of RLA requires 143 mg Na-RALA-70%

Bio-EnhancedTM Na-RALA is a 70% active R-lipoic acid powder is stable, extremely low (<2.0 %) in insoluble polymer and offers an innovative solution for capsules, tablets and
powdered drink mixes.


Bio-EnhancedTM Na-RALA is completely water soluble.


Bio-EnhancedTM Na-RALA is significantly more bioavailable than R-lipoic acid (RLA).

· 1000mg (1gram) RLA reaches a maximum concentration (Cmax) of 1.1ug/ml in human plasma

· 100mg (0.1gram) Bio-Enhanced Na-RALA reaches a Cmax of 2.3ug/ml

· On a weight basis Bio-Enhanced Na-RALA reaches a Cmax 21 times higher than RLA.


Note: Although Bio-EnhancedTM Na-RALA may be suitable for multi-component formulations, the performance of this product in any new or experimental formula must determined
by testing its stability with all of the ingredients.

Acidic components may adversely affect the stability and shelf-life of Bio-EnhancedTM Na-RALA containing products.




Bio-EnhancedTM Na-RALA powder is an off-white to yellowish powder, with 70% active R-lipoic acid.

Bio-EnhancedTM Na-RALA powder has a specific rotation [α]D 20 =+65-+85 degrees.

Bio-EnhancedTM Na-RALA powder is soluble in water. 1 g dissolves in 50 ml water at room temperature.

Bio-EnhancedTM Na-RALA powder melts at 240° ~ 250° C (with decomposition beginning at (~210° C).

Bio-EnhancedTM Na-RALA powder is free flowing, heat stable up to 85° C and ready for blending with excipients.

Bio-EnhancedTM Na-RALA powder is available from 1 kg to metric ton quantities.





Increased stability: Bio-EnhancedTM Na-RALA requires no refrigeration and has a shelf life of at least 3 years without polymerization. Solid R-Lipoic Acid is prone to quickly
polymerize upon exposure to heat, light, and moisture.

Increased Solubility: cleanly soluble in water, whereas RLA is poorly soluble and K-RALA can only be dispersed because of the insoluble excipients.

Reduced Solvent Residues: due to the low melting point of the lipoic acid crystalline structure, there is a tendency for RLA to hold on to high amounts of cyclohexane, ethyl acetate
or toluene.


The additional processing necessary to make Bio-EnhancedTM Na-RALA removes the residual solvents.


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